Intelligenti is a start-up generator based in Bristol.  We've launched a small, but varied, portfolio of companies.

In 2007, we launched Financial Claims Made Simple. An online-only claims firm that has helped our clients recover over 500 million pounds from the UK's major banks. (and without a single bothersome cold phone-call) 

In 2008, we launched TapSmart. A portfolio of iPhone & iPad apps that help to get the most out of your device. Over 20 Million downloads.

In 2015, we launched The Better Mortgage Company. An online and telephone based mortgage broker.

In 2018, we plan to launch two minimum viable products, each of which may turn into a company if they look like they're working out!




Well done for reading this far. We'd retired our website long ago, but thought we'd quickly make one in case any potential employees want to check us out.
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